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Camp Braveheart Registration for Campers/Participants

IMPORTANT:  Please read this before clicking the registration button below. 

You will need the following information for each camper/participant you are registering before you begin the registration process:

  • Picture of the camper's/participant insurance card  (front and back)

  • Camper's T-shirt size (adult SX-3XL)

  • Additional Emergency Contact information (name, phone & email) if you decide to select one.

  • Doctor's name, phone and practice.

  • Medication list including the amount, when taken and prescribing doctor.

  • Allergies (food and/or medication).

  • Full name of each deceased loved one.

  • Picture or pictures for each loved one for the memorial portion of camp.  A picture with the camper is preferred; otherwise, an individual picture will work. 

  • Date of Birth and Date of Death of each loved one if more than one.

  • Information about the person who died, such as what was important to him or her, their profession, hobbies, values and description of the loved one and camper’s relationship.

  • Waiver Forms will be sent to your email address from

  • Approximately 10-20 minutes per camper to complete the necessary forms.

Once you begin the Registration Process, you will need to complete it as the information is not saved.  If you stop the Registration Process before completion, you will need to begin again.

IMPORTANT:  Once you are ready to begin,

please click on the button to the right

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