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After Alex's father died, she came to Camp Braveheart. It was Alex’s first time at camp and Camp Braveheart’s first year. The year 2017 will be her 10th year. As Alex has matured and gone from season to season in her life, she has experienced multiple layers of grief. Therefore, each year at camp she had the opportunity to process the impact of her Dad's death, remember him and learn new coping skills to manage the new layer of grief. She is now graduating from high school and is experiencing the loss of her Dad in a different way. He will not be at her college graduation, meeting her date to prom, moving her to college or building the bunk beds in her dorm. She longs to hear from him: " I am so proud of you." She has become a leader at camp by empathetically walking alongside fellow grievers as a peer. She is an amazing and insightful young lady.

Camp Braveheart
Braveheart Grief Ministries, Inc. (a nonprofit organization)

Alex with a picture of her dad

Kenzie is sharing about Braveheart. A summer camp that is special to her and many other kids who have experienced loss.

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"A Mom's Perspective of Camp Braveheart" by Jana Heck

Our children were four, five and eight years old when my husband died by suicide.  Being widowed at age 35 was shocking; being a single mother of three young children was overwhelming. Trying to answer my kids' questions honestly yet age appropriately was challenging, especially since I was searching for my own answers.    Read more...